Assistant District Attorney Dara Jensen had just come from a meeting with the mayor. She'd spent nearly an hour trying to explain just why her office had such a dismal conviction rate. The mayor was understandably angry. He was feeling the pressure that came from election year politics and wanted some positive bit of news to boost his campaign.

She walked into the the station just in time to see the back of a well-dressed stranger enter the interrogation room. “Who was that?” she asked idly.

“Stefan Cassadine's new lawyer. She said her name is Jessica Griffin.”

“What? No Alexis?”

Marcus Taggert shrugged his shoulders. “I'm just repeating what the lady said.”

Dara kept her expression neutral, but inside her spirits were rising. With her nemesis Alexis out of the picture, maybe, just maybe she would be able to present Stefan Cassadine's head to the mayor on a platter. Oh, yes, things were beginning to look up.

Lucky watched Nikolas closely. After his initial fury at Stefan's return from the dead, Nikolas had gradually shut down. He insisted to Lucky that he was okay, but it was obvious that his brother was bleeding emotionally. And why wouldn't he be? This was the second time that Nik had grieved the loss of a parent. Oh, sure, when their mother had ‘died', Nikolas merely mourned the loss of opportunity - the chance to know Laura as his mother.

Stefan's supposed death, on the other hand, had devastated Nikolas. For all their problems, Stefan was his son's idol. It had not mattered what the paternity tests said. Lucky knew that his brother loved Stefan as a father.

Luke, he supposed, would jump at this opportunity to take shots at Stefan. Lord knows the older Cassadine man had provided ample ammunition. But Lucky and Nikolas had agreed to stay out of the Cassadine/Spencer war. And that meant neither one would disparaging the other's father.

Ironically, it was Lucky's own up-and-down relationship with his father that supplied him with the words to comfort his brother. “Nikolas,” he said softly, “you'll live through this. And I will be there for you like you've been for me.”

The husky young officer unlocked the cell door and turned away. Stefan immediately followed. “I am finally to be released?” he asked arrogantly.

“Yeah, right,” was the officer's reply. “Your lawyer is here.”

“Indeed.” Athough gratified by Alexis' change of heart, Stefan was somewhat surprised. As badly as he'd hurt her, he truly expected her to make him wait several more hours in the jail cell before she decided to help.

They walked along silently. Stefan took the opportunity to straighten his clothing. As per police procedure, his belt and tie had been confiscated when he was brought in. He felt undressed without them. In truth, Stefan didn't know which had been more distasteful - exposure to the germs undoubtedly abundant within the cell, or being forced to appear in public so poorly attired.

“In here,” the officer grunted.

“Finally. Alexis, I am-” Stefan pulled up in surprise. “Who are you?” he asked the strange woman before him.

“I am Jessica Griffin.” She extended a hand. “Lucinda Walsh asked me to act as your attorney.”