“I am Jessica Griffin. Lucinda Walsh asked me to act as your attorney.”

Dark curls, a beautiful face, and smooth mocha skin immediately caught his attention. From head to toe Stefan slowly examined the woman standing before him. She was beautiful, he had to admit. Confidence and competence radiated from her in abundance.

Jessica waited unperturbed as her prospective client's eyes traveled the length of her body. She took the opportunity to do the same. Stefan Cassadine was a handsome man, with an aura of power and privilege. Jessica knew the type. She'd dealt with men like him before. In fact, she was quite comfortable moving in the lofty circles of the extremely rich. It was how she came to stand before him now. Lucinda Walsh, a wealthy and powerful leader of the business community, had prevailed upon their unconventional friendship for Jessica's assistance.

“While I appreciate the trouble to which you have gone to come to my aid, Miss Griffin,” Stefan began, interrupting her thoughts, “I must decline your offer of representation. My family attorney will be here shortly and this matter will be concluded.” He hastened to add, “Naturally, I will compensate you for your time and effort.”

“That is very generous of you, Mr. Cassadine,” Jessica responded neutrally. “But I am not under your hire. Lucinda Walsh asked me to get you out of jail. And that is what I will do.” A hint of disapproval tinged her next comment. “Afterward, I agree strongly that you should find other counsel to represent you.”

“How strong is our case?” Commissioner Mac Scorpio asked the group assembled.

Assistant District Attorney Dara Jensen was the first to respond. “We have no case,” she stated matter-of-factly.

“We have Helena Cassadine's testimony that she was not responsible for her son's disappearance!”

“Marcus, I am not going to go into a courtroom with only Helena's testimony as evidence. It would be a waste of the court's time, not to mention a reflection of my office.”

“So, Dara,” Mac asked, “what would you need to go forward with this?”

“Some proof that Stefan Cassadine perpetrated a fraud against the state. And no, Marcus,” she anticipated Officer Marcus Taggert's interruption, “a gut feeling that he is guilty will not cut it!”

“C'mon, Dara! It has to mean something that Cassadine's family hasn't rushed to his aid.”

“Not in a court of law, it doesn't. And you know that.”

“Are you suggesting that we drop this?” Mac asked.

“Of course not. If Stefan did engineer his disappearance - and I believe he did - he needs to realize the consequences of his actions.”