Strange Bedfellows

~ two years earlier ~

Dara looked around the condominium that she called home. Decorated all in white, the airy rooms seemed to bounce sunlight off the walls.

She strolled aimlessly about the spacious living room. Her fingers trailed lovingly along the contours of her favorite possession – a three-foot high polished ebony carving of a magnificently nude Ethiopian prince. Seated upon his throne, the prince’s fine, aristocratic face stared regally at some scene Dara could only imagine.

There was something so . . . noble about him. Dara had studied the finely detailed features so closely that she imagined if she were ever to be faced with the reality of him, she would recognize her Prince without fail.

‘Yes’, she thought, studying the handsome face once again, ‘he was definitely handsome.’ But it was not the physical beauty of her idealized man that captivated Dara so. No, it was something far more intangible than that. Nobility, gentility and a royal air were the qualities the prince in the carving had in abundance. They were qualities her real-life prince would wear like an invisible cloak. Her real-life prince. Whoever that might be.

Some day her prince would come. The young woman shook her head ruefully at the thought. She was beginning to sound like a Disney character! It was time to focus on reality.

Reality right now was her work. For the most part, Dara’s position as Assistant District Attorney of Port Charles was a challenging one. With a few exceptions, cases were straightforward and her success rate was high. For now, Dara thought, that would have to do. She would bury herself in her work until her prince appeared.

A sharp rap at her door interrupted Dara’s musings and caused her to start. With a sheepish grin over her own jumpiness, she quickly crossed the room and boldly threw open the door.

“Good evening, Miss Jensen.” Stefan Cassadine greeted her urbanely. “May I come in? I have a proposition for you.”