Strange Bedfellows

Though he had dialed the number several times before and gotten the same result, Mac Scorpio punched in the seven digits that would connect him to the home of Assistant District Attorney Dara Jensen. Once more the computer-generated operator informed him that that particular number was no longer in service.

Slowly the Police Commissioner hung up the phone. “Well?” he heard the voice of his detective ask.

“Same thing as before, Alex. It’s been disconnected.”

Detective Alejandro Garcia straightened up abruptly from where he had been leaning against the door. “That clinches it. Something is wrong. It has to be!” His dark eyes flashed with concern. “Dara would never just quit her job without even mentioning it to me. And she wouldn’t cut off all contact with the people who care about her!”

“I agree.” Mac watched the agitated man. He knew that Alex had feelings for the beautiful young ADA. It was the reason he had brought the detective into his office. Perhaps Alex might be able to help him figure out just what was going on.

The Commissioner’s quick agreement sent Garcia’s anxiety quotient up a notch. If Mac was all ready to believe that Dara was in danger, then the situation was more serious than he thought.

“I’m gonna go take a ride by her place,” Alex informed his boss. Unconsciously the officer felt for the gun at his side, taking comfort in its presence.

Mac nodded. “Good idea. Call me when you get there.”

When he was alone in the room once again, the Commissioner recounted the worried call he had received from District Attorney Schulz. The D.A.’s conversation had come as a complete shock, but somewhere in the back of his mind Mac had maintained a slim belief that an error had been made. Now, in the light of his inability to reach Dara, Mac was as concerned as Schulz.