Strange Bedfellows

Stunned disbelief best described the state Dara Jensen found herself in. She looked around the sumptuously appointed bedroom and shook her head once more. How had she gotten here?

Only moments ago she was arguing with Stefan Cassadine about his latest attempt to control her by forbidding any contact with Detective Alex Garcia. He had argued, quite convincingly Dara admitted, that she would not be able to deflect the obvious questions that Alex would have asked. She would have been hard-pressed not to spill all the details of their arrangement to her on-again, off-again lover.

Dara made her way to the enormous walk-in closet where all her clothing was housed. There was no question that the attorney resented highly Stefan Cassadine’s manipulative actions. Yet the enormity of what he had accomplished in so short a time left her amazed.

A thought occurred to Dara and she hastily pulled open one dresser drawer after the other. As she feared, one particular drawer answered her unspoken question. A red garter belt, fishnet hose and steel-tipped Manolo Blahnik stilettos lay nestled inside the drawer.

The items had been an impulse purchase that Dara had kept hidden from view. She hoped that whoever had arranged her possessions did not get the wrong impression.

“I trust everything is to your satisfaction,” Stefan said from the doorway.

Dara guiltily slammed the drawer shut. “Er, yes.” She turned and noticed the cellular phone he held in his hand.

“I thought,” he explained, “that you might contact Detective Garcia and reassure him of your well-being. It might prevent a misunderstanding with the Port Charles Police Department from taking place.”