Do Unto Others
Not so Angelic

"Granny Mae would have been proud."

Keesha gave a bitter laugh. "Yeah, well, I lied."

For the first time in a long time, Justus was at a loss for words. He had never
seen his young cousin so angry and filled with bitterness.

"I sat there holding her hand and listening to her drift in and out of consciousness."
Keesha seemed lost in thought. "And you know what happened? Robin began to talk
about all her regrets. About not being more careful during sex with Stone, about
never having a big white wedding with Jason, about never having his child."

"It was almost more than I could take. Until…" Keesha smiled suddenly. It was
not a pleasant expression and Justus felt chilled. "Until she told me how Jason
had donated his sperm for an experimental procedure that would have allowed them
to have an HIV-free baby together someday. And when they broke up over her part
in telling AJ he was Michael's father, they forgot all about it."

"Little Bit, what did you do?"

"Robin had no problem taking away my future," Keesha replied calmly. "So I had
no problem taking it back."

Justus was shocked at the tale unfolding before him. "But how? The red tape

Keesha smiled. This time it was a genuine expression filled with pleasure. "AJ."
She shrugged. "He and his new wife Lydia Karenin were glad to help. They both
saw the supreme irony of it all. Between his money and her connections, it was
really very simple."

"So Mary truly is Jason's baby?"

"Mary is my baby." Keesha's tone was hard and unyielding. "Jason will never
have a part in her life."

"That door has been opened now," Justus cried. "There's a chance he might find
out the truth!"

"It won't matter if he does," Keesha insisted quietly. "I have made sure of that."


Sixth in the Diablo series: Venganza, First Contact, Rook to Knight's Three, Richter Scale, Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, Do Unto Others, and Semantics