El Diablo - The Devil

"Carly and the two children are off-limits," Lorenzo Alcazar hastened to stipulate.

"Have you dealt so long with honorless men like Corinthos that you insult
me so?" Rafael Alcazar's eyes burned with anger. "I do not involve
innocents in our business! Corinthos' wife and children are safe from
harm. As is Morgan's young daughter and her lovely mother."

Lorenzo froze. "Morgan has no children. His ex-wife, Corinthos' sister,
was unable to conceive."

Rafael's knowing smile confused his cousin. "Perhaps so," Rafael allowed.
"But apparently his ex-lover Keesha Ward had no such problems."

*Rafael Alcazar is an original jPenfoldg character.*
Venganza = Revenge


First in the Diablo series:
Venganza, First Contact, Rook to Knight's Three, Richter Scale,
Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, Do Unto Others, Semantics, Loyalties, Corroborating Evidence, Boy Who Cried Wolf, Crowded Field, and What About Us?