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"You can't believe that," Lorenzo protested, "or you wouldn't be making plans for a future with Jason Morgan's woman."

"There are two main differences between Keesha Ward and Carly Corinthos," Rafael explained. "Keesha has established a life of her own, separate from any man. Carly knows nothing but the protection of Morgan or Corinthos." He raised a brow at his cousin. "And more importantly, unlike Carly, she is not still in love with the father of her child."

"In time..."

Rafael shrugged his shoulders. If his cousin wished to delude himself about the chances of a life with Carly Corinthos, then so be it. "Leave everything to me, cousin. When this is all over, you may go to Carly and honestly say that our enemies' blood is not on your hands."

"And what will you tell Keesha Ward?"

"Whatever I have to."


Seventh in the Diablo series:
Venganza, First Contact, Rook to Knight's Three, Richter Scale,
Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, Do Unto Others, Semantics, and Loyalties