Nothing to me... The words, so factually uttered, removed any trace of doubt Justus harbored about protecting Keesha's secret. For the first time Justus looked at his younger cousin without rose colored glasses. Gone was the 'basically good man' whose code of behavior Justus was able to reason away. In his place was the cold mob enforcer everyone had insisted Jason to be.

"But" Jason continued, "Alcazar seemed to think I would be even more concerned about Keesha's daughter."

The implicit question hung in the air between the two men. Justus stared directly into Jason's eyes and lied effortlessly. "Mary's not your child," he declared quietly. "Why did he think she was?"

"It was a smart play," Jason conceded. His ability to detect a lie had not been aroused, and he relaxed in the knowledge that Justus had just confirmed what he already knew could not be possible. Keesha's smiling toddler was not his child.

"Too bad his information was faulty."

Jason prepared to leave Justus' condominium. "You had better get Keesha out of sight for awhile. Things will get ugly when I call Alcazar's bluff."

Justus watched Jason stride to the elevator. "Don't you worry about Keesha or her baby," he muttered softly. "Ever again."


Eighth in the Diablo series:
Venganza, First Contact, Rook to Knight's Three, Richter Scale,
Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, Do Unto Others, Semantics, Loyalties, and Corroborating Evidence