Misplaced Trust

She had effectively cut herself off from everyone else in her life. Now there was no one she could share her pain with - except her silent rescuer, a man who looked at her without a degree of warmth in his icy blue eyes.

"I need whatever description you can give me," Jason uttered into the silence of the sparsely furnished little room.

The hitman's demand brought all the details of Nikolas' assault speeding back. Gia's eyes flew open. She could not bear to replay the memory of Nikolas' dark eyes staring mercilessly down into her own as he cruelly squeezed her chin and demanded she admit responsibility for some unspoken offense he believed she had committed.

"It was Nikolas," Gia admitted brokenly. "Nikolas ra-," she could not bear to say the word, "Nikolas did this to me."

"And I don't know why."

Fourth in the Prison Time series:
Darkness Falls, Dispensation of Mercy, A Mistake of Tragic Proportions,
Misplaced Trust, Shaded Corners, and A Legacy Denied