Shaded Corners

Alexis hated the sight of her nephew in tears. Nikolas had been through so much in the past months that it angered her to see him still in pain after being freed of a crime he didn't commit.

She knew instinctively that Nikolas did not disclose the whole truth of the situation to her. Alexis suspected that the soft-hearted young Cassadine Prince was attempting to shield his emotional young fiancee' from her disapproval. It would not be unlike Gia Campbell to show a lack of compassion and understanding for the difficult adjustment period that Nikolas was no doubt going through. The young woman was, after all, a fashion model. It was her nature to think first and foremost of herself.

"I am sure that Gia is perfectly fine wherever she is," Alexis said carefully. Allowing Nikolas to hear the note of censure in her voice concerning Gia would only make him defend her more. "Why don't you go to bed and try to rest? I am sure she will show up here in the morning. And you can work this all out." When Nikolas did not respond, Alexis pulled out her cellphone. "If it will put your mind at ease, I will call the police station and have Marcus track Gia down."

"No!" Nikolas panicked. He quickly covered with another lie. Lying was the second skill he had picked up in prison. "That's what our argument was about. Marcus wants Gia to leave me."

Fifth in the Prison Time series:
Darkness Falls, Dispensation of Mercy, A Mistake of Tragic Proportions,
Misplaced Trust, Shaded Corners, and A Legacy Denied