A Mistake of Tragic Proportions

"Emily and Zander?" Nikolas repeated, stunned.

"Yes, they left yesterday. Zander has been a wonderful father. Oh, just a minute..." Elizabeth turned away to answer a ringing phone. She did not witness the horrified expression that contorted Nikolas' face upon hearing her words.

"What did I do?" the young Prince cried out. "She wasn't with him!"

"Nikolas?" Elizabeth was torn between going after her friend and remaining behind the desk to do her job. She quickly realized that Nikolas had disappeared so quickly down the hallway that it would be pointless to try and follow him. She quickly hung up the phone, effectively cutting off Amy Vining, who chattered aimlessly on the other end.

Elizabeth's fingers flew across the computer keyboard as she searched the patient records for a phone number. "Hello?" she said, when she'd dialed the eight digits. "Alexis? This is Elizabeth Weber. I am worried about Nikolas."

Third in the Prison Time series:
Darkness Falls, Dispensation of Mercy, A Mistake of Tragic Proportions,
Misplaced Trust, Shaded Corners, and A Legacy Denied